XYZ SOUND A-555 Dynamic Coil Wireless Handheld Microphone System

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for Kraoke Speech Party

– Super silent function, low T H.D. So the bass is rich, mediant is brightness and all is clear.
– No hitting when putting on the switch, so can protect the amplifier and speakers.
– Wireless microphone, singing more convenient, full of timbre.
-With a complete working state and hand-holded microphones power level indicating.(The signal lamp shine continuous that to replace the battery.)
-A double-way channels designed, two hands holding each two microphones at the same time to sing without any disturbing caused by.
-Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source and minimizes background noise.
– Effective, built-in spherical resisting wind and filter in microphone system.
-Choose high quality pickup and components, so that its timbre will be very good.
– With audio compressing-expanding technology, the machine can lower noises and increase the dynamic ranges.
– The receiver use the field effect of the enlarge and the superhigh sensitivity, so it has high sensitivity.
-Used in the entertainment places as a larger and a middle stage, karaoke hall or at home etc.
-Display mode: LED
-Type: Wireless
-Battery capacity: 3V
-Input voltage: 220v
-Colour: Black
-Microphone type: Dynamic coil
Package includes:
-1 x Receiver
-2 x Wireless microphone
-1 x Microphone Cable
-1 x Power adapter

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