Xiaomi Mijia MJSTS1 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Intelligent Recognition 3D Precise Obstacle Avoidance 3 Gear 4000Pa Powerful Suction LDS Laser Navigation System APP Control Intelligent Electric Control Water Tank

 New 3D TOF Technology + Visual Recognition Fusion Algorithm: The 3D TOF technology applied in the field of unmanned driving combines visual recognition algorithms to realize multidimensional obstacles avoidance.

● Diversified Al Intelligent Recognition: Real-time perception of various complex scenes in the home, support for object recognition, scene recognition, ground material and other recognition, and customize the cleaning plan according to different fields.

● 3D Information Detection and Recognition: Through 3D information detection, the outline of the room, as well as the bed, sofa, table and chair group and other objects are recognized, the home layout is truly restored.

● Dual Processor High-efficiency Speed: The CPU+NPU dual processor solution allows building a map of the whole house and intelligently planning routes.

 A New Generation of LDS Laser Navigation System: The new generation LDS laser navigation scanning system works with 30 sensors to detect 360 degrees of the whole house environment, not affected by light, accurate positioning, flexible obstacle avoidance.

● 4000Pa Powerful Suction: The brushless motor provides super suction power, and is matched with a large-diameter suspension suction port, which is close to the ground, and the cleaning power is greatly improved.

● Independent Large Dust Box + 2-in-1 Dust Box Water Tank: 550mL large-capacity dust box can hold more garbage. It comes with a sweeping and mopping 2-in-1 dust box, sweeping and mopping in one, greatly improving the cleaning efficiency.

● Precision Intelligent Electric Control Water Tank: Equipped with a 260mL intelligent electronically controlled water tank and a precision micro-controlled peristaltic pump, three gear water volume adjustment, which protects the floor from being soaked.
● 5200mAh Large Capacity Battery: Built-in 5200mAh high-capacity battery, long-lasting power and long battery life, easily meet the cleaning work of the 250m² super large apartment.
 Individual Cleaning Needs: Bedroom, living room, kitchen, each room cleaning order can be customized, but also according to different room floor material automatically adjust the appropriate suction and water, to meet the requirements.

● Mijia App Control: Connect to the Mijia App, you can remotely control it when you are not at home, and you can also make an appointment for cleaning, which is easy to clean.

● Dynamic Path Planning: Intelligently judge the sweep and drag mode during the cleaning process, dynamically plan the path, clean the room one by one, reduce repeated cleaning, and complete the task efficiently.

● Set Restricted Area: You can set the frame the restricted area through the Mijia App. During the cleaning process, the restricted area can be intelligently identified and easily avoided to complete the cleaning.

● Voice Control: Support Xiao Ai’s voice linkage, voice control only supports Chinese version.

● One-piece Hidden Design: The air outlet, horn, dust box buckle and other details are hidden, does not hide dust, and is beautiful and durable.

Brand: Xiaomi Mijia

Host Model: MJSTS1

Charging Base Model: CDZS1
Voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.8A
Power: 42W
Suction: 4000Pa
Dust Box Capacity: 550ml
2 in 1 Dust Box Water Tank: 260ml(Water Tank)+300ml(Dust Box)
Water Volume Adjustment: 3gear

Suction Adjustment: 3gear
Application Area: 250m²
APP Control: Yes
Voice Control: Only Supports Chinese

Wireless Connections: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

CMIIT ID: 2021DP0745

Product Weight: 3.4kg
Package Weight: 7.3kg

Charging Base Size: 15.00 x 13.50 x 9.74cm
Product Size: 35.30 x 35.30 x 9.6. cm

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