XANES HDQ15 Wifi 1080P Camera Vlog Cam XANES HDQ15 Wifi 1080P Camera Vlog Cam

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Deal Score0
$67.07 $81.27 Buy It Now

1. Round shape, miniature size, comparable to a locket.
2. 1080P high-definition video
3. Wide angles of 150 degrees
4. Smartphone-based remote control
Version 5 (invisible)
Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Recording Camcorders:
1) Is the function of the IP Camera and P2P Camera the same? Yeah
2) Is it plugged into a power source? Yeah
3) When is it possible to manage a device from another country? Yeah
4) Can I speak and hear which camera is recording on the App’s recording side?
Even if we don’t have a microphone, we can hear them.
5) Is he allowed to wear T-shirts? Yeah
6) Is it possible to use it while it is charging? Yeah
7) Voltage range: 100-240 volts
8) Is it possible to turn off the infrared light? Yes

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