WalkingPad C1 Folding Treadmill Manual/Automatic Modes Walking Pad

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$592.52 $771.58 Buy It Now

Non-slip Sports Fitness Walking Machine with EU Plug

●Folding design, noise reduction and foot feeling speed control.

Put the walker at home or in the office, take a walk and walk anytime, anywhere.

●Automatic speed control patent technology. Foot feeling speed control, easy shifting.

●The athlete can realize the start and stop functions without manual operation, and the speed value of the walking machine can be freely adjusted along with the change of position.

●Phone APP record data.

The number of movement steps, movement distance, exercise time, movement speed, and calorie consumption after the start is clearly visible.

●Aluminum alloy skeleton structure. Durable and durable.

The lightweight aluminum alloy frame greatly reduces the weight of the body and saves effort when moving. More sturdy and durable.

●Foldable design patent, the area after folding is less than half a square meter, the storage thickness is as low as 145.5mm, the size is small, the body is slim, and the desk can be placed under the sofa at home.

●Intimate moving wheel, easy to move and save effort.

Package included:

1 x Walking Pad C1 Treadmill

1 x Power Cable

1 x remote Control

1 x Lanyard

1 x Hexagonal Wrench

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