Tall Differentiate Delicate Books Dark and White Child Book Cloth Crease with Chime Colored Tag Visual Incitement Infant Tactile Toys

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$21.24 $22.99 Buy It Now

【teytoy Overhauled Tall Differentiate Child Book】Come with 6 themes(Vehicle, Number, Nourishment, Vegetable, Clothing, Ocean World)There are numerous sorts of sounds, surfaces and colored labels that come with these delicate books. These crease books have numerous distinctive high-contrast pictures, full of instructive exercisesreasonable for infant babies to enjoy.

【Safe For Baby】The differentiate infant books are made of high-quality cloth and normal cotton center. Light, Non-toxic, Solid, Tear-resistant and Launderable. Newborns moreover can unreservedly chew on them since there are no sharp edges. You’ll machine wash the delicate cloth books, ideally in a wash bag, gentle cycle would be superior and after that discuss dry with no fading and damage.

【Newly Added】On the premise of the crease paper, there’s too a squeaker and chime interior each delicate books. When infant squeeze or shake it, it’ll make distinctive sounds. These sounds can effectively draw in the baby’s consideration and make the infant drop in adore with the cloth books

【Bright Colored Tags】Each cloth book comes with colored labels and diverse surfaces that can be chewed by babies’ teeth and touched by little hands. They are very extreme so the small one can’t tear them separatedDifferent sounds and surfaces can be investigated for babies.

【Perfect Blessing For Newborns】The tactile books toys are totally appropriate for newborns and newborn childrenYou’ll be able read these high differentiate child books together with your small one amid tummy time, lead them to investigate modern universeseducate them recognize and talk the words.

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