Sport Hoops Fitness Gym Tool Tube Stainless Steel Elastic Thickened Foam Detachable Skin-Friendly Waist Weight Loss Hoola Circle

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$29.00 $41.42 Buy It Now

Diameter: Around 90 cm

Weight: Around 850g

Specifications: Removable in 6 parts

Material: Stainless Steel + High Elastic Thickened Foam, very resistant to cracking

Installation steps of steel pipe hoop
The first section installation method:
①. Laminate the two nozzles up and down.
②. One section is fixed, turn the other section and slightly push to the middle.
③. Keep rotating, when the bayonet of section 2 is fully aligned, the tube will automatically be inserted into the part.
④. Press the convex point of the tube and continue to insert it, and the 2 sections are closed with a click.
⑤. Pull the next 2 pipes to check whether the installation is firm, and continue to install the next section according to this method.
Installation method in the last section:
Put the sports hoops upright on the ground, with the unmerged 2 sections at the top, grasp the 2 sections and press them down gently. When the nozzles of the 2 sections are aligned, you can insert it.

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