Perming Curling Lash Lift Rods Growth Eyelash Lifting Eyelash Perming Curling

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$52.93 $94.52 Buy It Now

Detailed description:

Step 1: Perminia (0.8g X 10EA)
Step 2 of Perminia (0.8g X 10EA)
Step 3 of Perminia (0.8g X 10EA)
4.Lomansa Lash Adhesive (Lomansa Lash Adhesive) (5ml)
5.Keratin Boost from Lomansa (5.5ml)
Rod 6.C.U.L (Lash Perm Rod)
-C curl(S/M/L size) 3 pairs -U curl (sizes SS, S, M, L, and LL) 5 pairs of -L curls (sizes S, M, L, and LL) 4 pairs of shoes
7.Wand of Magic

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