Permanent Shampoo Hair Color Cream 500ml Natural Hair Dye Argan Oil Essence

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$29.23 $59.66 Buy It Now


1. Direct delivery from local warehouses in the United States, with logistics taking 5-7 days in the US and 7-15 days in China.

2. Large capacity 500ml container with 7 various colors to choose from, rapid coloring, and no color fading

3. It contains natural argan oil essential oil and is made of Chinese herbal medicine essence and French herbal medicine essence, giving you healthy and natural hair color that is also healthy and environmentally friendly. From the inside out, it aids in the toughening of hair fibers. Hair is more lustrous, silky, and smooth after washing, which helps prevent hair loss, heals from the roots, and strengthens, nourishes, protects, and repairs the scalp.

Description in detail:

Index of technical terms:
Ms.Dear is a brand name for a woman.
Black, dark brown, light brown, cherry brown, chestnut brown, and more dye colors are available (optional)
500ml net content
Advantages of the specification: big capacity
Dimensions of packaging: 24.5 * 11.3 * 6.4cm
List of items to bring: 1 jar of hair dye

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