Mr. Tortilla 1 Net Carb Tortilla Wraps (96 Tortillas) | Keto, Moo Carb, Moo Calorie, Vegetarian, Legitimate | (Multigrain)

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$36.28 $42.99 Buy It Now

TACOS ARE SOUND PRESENTLY – Our 4″ 1 Net Carb Road Taco tortillas are moo on carbohydrates and fat. They’re cholesterol-free as well! With our shells, you’ll be able make tasty keto tacos, tostadas, quesadillas and more!

CULMINATE CORN TORTILLA Substitution – Each of our taco tortillas is able of hold a completely stacked taco with as it were 1 tortilla. These tortillas too prepare and sear flawlessly for a fulfilling crunch.

DELIGHTFULLY FLAVORFUL – We’re not one to hold back on flavor when it comes to our item. We utilize as it were the leading and freshest fixings for our multigrain moo carb flatbread wraps to guarantee amazing taste.

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