MEI Chromatic Harmonica 16 Hole 64 Tone Mouth Musical Instruments

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Deal Score+1
$58.82 $84.03 Buy It Now

Tone: C
Number of Bores: 16
Pronunciation Method: Chromatic
Type: Chromatic Harmonica
Model Number: QM-16A

The following are a few tips for taking care of your harmonica:
1. Don’t drink sticky, heavy drinks before playing.
2.Keep your harmonica in the box or in some other clean place if you are not playing.
3.Rinse your mouth out well, wash your hands, or brush your teeth if necessary, before playing the harmonica.
4.Tap your harmonica out gently after playing, tapping out the excess saliva – holes down.
5.Don’t let others play your harmonica – unless it is someone you don’t mind kissing.
6.Keep your harmonica away from heat or direct sunshine.
7.Do not wash your harmonica with hot water, alcohol or other chemicals.
Brand Name: QIMEI
size:21.5 x 5cm

Package Contents:
1 x Harmonica

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