Herwey Electric Hand Massager Office Domestic Finger Acupoint Knead Torment Help Hand Care Instrument , Electric Hand Massager, Finger Acupoint Massage

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1. 4D stereo rub, combined with warm rubfortify all parts of hand and dispose of hand stiffness.

2. 15 layers of discuss pack thrust press plan permits profound squeezing and working from the palm to each finger.

3. Three-dimensional wave press, comprehensive rub to profoundly unwind each hand part.

4. 3 working force, 3 rub modes, wellbeing care/soothing/vitality mode to meet your assorted needs.

5. HD expansive screen with touch board plan, one button beginsimple to control.

6. Made of tall quality ABS fabric, which is strongsecure and great toughness.

7. Advance blood circulation, relieve the muscles, diminish hand wearinessdistress and soreness.

8. Successfully progress the hand microcirculation, completely invigorate the hand needle therapy focuses, make the hand skin sensitive and smooth.

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