Emoyo EHJ66 Creative Wall Clock 3D Wall Clock Quartz Wall Clock

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$29.83 $36.31 Buy It Now
– Modern Design
With large size and acrylic mirror surface, this 3d diy clock is an amazing decoration for the blank wall.
– Easy to Install
Package includes self-adhesive stickers and auxiliary scale ruler for easier installation; the clock numbers and hands have a protect film,please tear it off after installation.

– Mute Movement
Silent sweeping movement, mute movement, Silent Clock give you a quiet night.

How to Install?
STEP1: Remove all dirt and dust from the application surface and make sure the surface is dry and clean.
STEP2: Fasten the clock on the wall
STEP3: Cover the clock with the auxiliary scale, as to the scale,stick the figure at the right site.
STEP4: Take down the clock, fixing the hour hand and minute hand one by one. Tips: press the hands into the clock axes in order aim at 12 o’clock.
STEP5: Adjust the time with the button and install the battery.
STEP6: Hanging the clock return to the nail.

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