Defensive Security Goggles Tidy Verification, Anti-Fog, Anti-Droplets Eye Security Security Glasses

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$14.99 $29.99 Buy It Now


These security eye glasses can give full scope of your eyes without misshaping your vision. It can viably ensure your eyes from spitmicrobes and tidyguaranteeing your security. They are comfortable to wear with an movable flexible strap for balanced comfort

  • Crystal Clear: Made with a clear, un-coated PVC fabric that are affect and scratch safe, giving you precious stone clear vision all the time
  • Effective Plan: The bended plan of the focal point makes the field of vision more extensive, clearer, and more durable Comfortable Goggles: Delicate, wrap-around versatile band offers greatest consolation, fits over most medicine eye wear, with an movable versatile strap that fits all head sizes, one-size-fits-all
  • Full AssuranceViably anticipates tidy, wind, sand affect, and showers of spitseparating and ensuring your eyes

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