Deerma DEM-SL281 Toaster Bread Baking Machine Bread Roaster

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$93.41 $115.47 Buy It Now

2 Min Operation  : The two-way surround heating technology is adopted, and the heating tube is wound in the body in two directions, so that the heat can quickly penetrate every inch of the bread, and the same color can be baked in 2 minutes; the dense and loose surrounding manner can make the bread heat evenly and effectively avoid The uneven heating of the bread
One-touch Control Lever  :Uses an independent push-operated lever that can be activated by pressing and pressing, and the lever automatically pops up as soon as the time is up
Six-barrel Baking, Six Flavors : Built-in 6-stop baking setting, you can choose your gear according to different requirements and make your own breakfast.

Thawing/Re-heating Dual Performance  :  XIAOMI Deerma Bread Baking Machine has thaw function. The toast can be returned to the room temperature just after the 30S of the refrigerator is thawed. After the baked bread is cold, you can choose to reheat.

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