Clay Sculpture Polymer Beginner’s Multi-tools Craft Sculpting Pottery Modeling Kit

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This is a very complete set of clay tools, perfect for carving , modeling , cutting , scrapping , chipping , brushing , smoothing and more.
Material: These Pottery Tools are made of quality stainless steel, wooden handle is lightweight, smooth and comfortable to hold.High quality design for a long-lasting use, easy to clean and storage.
Creative: Dual-Ended Design,Can handle any detail sculpting.these durable and finely crafted professional sculpting tools are easy to work with and clean. The wooden handles are smooth and comfortable yet ensuring a firm and secure grasp. The corrosion resistant metal of pottery tools are solid and bent but don ‘t break when pressure is applied.
Wide Usage: Professional quality tools for the dabbling novice and the seasoned expert alike. Convenient to be used on any texture: malleable, pliable such as polymer, ceramic clay, wax candles.these ceramic Clay Tools Set are perfect for beginners and even advanced hobbyists, potters, artists.
Pottery Sponge: Add or absorb water during production, polish the pottery after being made.
Wooden Dotting Tools: perfect for making dots, painting on rocks or emboss on soft metal or paper.
Plastic Modeling Tools: Make embossing, also suitable for cake, fondant mold, frilling petals and leaves.
Rubber Tip Pens: For blending, shaping and easily removing fingerprints and blemishes from the surface of clay.
Ball Stylus Tools: Creating dot and pit on the clay surface, pill dots into petal shapes, decorate nails, body art, doll clay.
Clay Hole Cutters: Cut circular holes.
Product name:Ceramic Clay Tool
Color:Wood Color+Silver
Material:Wood+Stainless Steel

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