BREYLEE Acne Pimple Patch Stickers Blemish Spot Facial Mask Skin Care Waterproof 22 Patches

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Product Name: BREYLEE Acne Pimple Patch
Specifications: 22 Patches
Effects:  Acne Healing  Blemish Spot Treatment
Ingredients:  Tea Tree Exact
Skin Types:  Suitable For Various Skin Types
Our acne patches formulated with hydrophilic colloid from Belgium,Transparent dot, ultra-thin design, close to the skin, maintain your natural appearance anytime.
Physical absorption
It can absorb acne secretions effectively, help to heal and smooth your acne skin
For better effect, we recommend you to take tools to prick up the acne at first
Isolation protection
Removing acnes
Completely covering the surface of acne, which can avoid acne to contact with external pollutants effectively, stop the spread of the acne deterioration. It is recommended to be used before makeup.
Natural ingredients for removing acnes
Tea Tree Exact
It can diminish inflammation, adjust grease secretion, relieve skin and accelerate wound healing
Providing 24-hour care
Easy removal of acnes all the day
Daily use
Night use
Integrating with the skin naturally, and make-up is not affected
Absorption is enhanced to accelerate repairing acnes for sound sleeping

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