4.5KG Versatile Scaled down Washing Machine Compact Twin Tub Washer Spain Spinner

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$299.99 $485.99 Buy It Now

Our Twin-tub washing machine is idealize arrangement for doing clothing in a compact environment. The two tubs, one for washing and one for turn drying will be valuable to you. The machine runs off 120v control and will take up to 12lbs capacity for washing and 6lbs capacity for turning. Our machine highlights a waste tube which permits you to effectively deplete out messy water. Not as it were is it naturally inviting but it is additionally vitality sparingIsolated clock control settings for wash and turn operations. Don’t delay to include it to your cart!


  • Gravity drain!
  • Top stack twin tub compact design
  • Separate clock control settings for wash and turn operations
  • Easy to function, and effective permits you to basically put in your stack of dress, fill with water, set the clock and begin washing
  • Our machine highlights a waste tube which permits you to effortlessly deplete out messy water

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