1000ml 12V 24V Portable Car Water Kettle Heater Warmer Travel Camping

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$46.96 $57.11 Buy It Now
Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Food-grade Plastic
Color: Beige + Black
Voltage Optional: DC 12V(for car) / 24V(for truck)
Power: 150W(12V) / 250W(24V)
Plug: Car Plug
Capacity: 1000ml
Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 20x14x18.5cm /7.87″x5.51″x7.28″(appr.)
ON/OFF Switch: After filling with an appropriate amount of water and closing the lid properly, press the “I” button, the indication lamp will be ON and the water will be heated until it boils. Press the “O” button to stop heating at any time, the indication lamp will then be OFF.
Auto-OFF after boiling: The appliance will turn off automatically after boiling. The indicator lamp will turn OFF. Wait at least 5 minutes before reheating (by pressing the “I” button).
Dry boil protection: When the product has been switched ON by mistake without water, the dry boil protection will be activated to provide a secondary protection.
Thermal fuse protection: In case BOTH the auto-off and the dry-boil safety protection malfunction, the thermal fuse protection will cut off the electric supply automatically to provide  a third protection.
Before first use:
1. Before plugging into the lighter socket, check the rating information on the product.
2. Clean the water container before first usage, but never immerse cord, plug or water heater in water or any other liquid.
3. Boil 3 quantities of water first without actually using it.
4. In order to prevent dangers, place the machine on horizontal, flat and stabile surfaces only.
5. Do not plug-in the machine without water. To avoid damage to the product, never turn on the empty appliance.
6. Fill with water according to the pre-set water level with minimum level at MIN and maximum level at MAX.
7. Unplug the product after use.
Prior to cleaning the water heater always remove the plug from the socket.
Only clean the water heater itself with a damp cloth.
In order to extend the operation life of your device, you should ensure that the water heater is decalcified at a regular basis. Signs for a necessary decalcification are a longer operating time or louder operating noise. Only use biological agents for decalcification. Under no circumstances vinegar, salts or sulphuric acid should be used for decalcification.
Let the device heat the decalcifying agent two to three times (check the manufacturer’s recommendations for use and dosing). Afterwards heat clean water in the device two to three times.
Safety Instruction:
1. Never immerse cord, plug or water heater in water or any other liquid.
2. Pull the plug from the socket and switch the water heater off:
In case of a failure during operation,
Prior to cleaning and care,
If the supply cable or the water heater is damaged,
If the water heater has a functional fault.
3. NEVER pull the plug of the water heater out of the lighter by pulling the cable.
4. Do not allow the connection cable to hang down (danger of tripping) nor over sharp edges or corners.
5. Do not place on hat gas or electric burner or in heated oven.
6. Do not use any other liquid than water.
7. The water heater can become very hot, keep the appliance and cord away from children at all times. The cover should be securely closed to avoid spillage of boiling water.
8. Do not operate when driving, to avoid cutting injuries and burns caused by sudden braking or accidents.
9. Decalcify the water heater at regular intervals.
10. Do not disassemble the product. Do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself. To avoid considerable subsequent damage to the device, only let a qualified expert repair the water heater.
Package Included:
1 X Car/Truck Water Kettle (not included other decorations)
1 X English User Manual

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