10 Montessori Geometric Solids Wood Squares – Preschool learning confuse – Little child Sensorial Math Toy – STEM Waldorf Homeschool Classroom

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The Montessori Geometric Solids Wood Pieces set is an unique Montessori learning instrument for little children and preschoolers as an hands-on sensorial presentation to 2D and 3D geometric shapes. Our set of 10 geometric wood pieces will provide your child an interesting assortment of geometric shapes that you just won’t discover in customary toy piece sets. Youthful children might utilize them as building and stacking toys, as sensorial fabric with their riddle box or pack, as apparatuses for following and coordinating shapes, or as any imaginary/open-ended play. Let your child investigate the ponders of geometry whereas creating verbal and fine engine skills. This sensorial and arithmetic learning toy could be a awesome expansion to your domestic, homeschool, classroom, den, nursery stylistic layout, or your Montessori shelf!

What’s included: 10 Characteristic Geometric Wood Pieces – Square-based Pyramid, Triangular-based Pyramid, Little Rectangular CrystalExpansive Rectangular CrystalBarrel, Cone, Triangular Crystal3d shapeCircle, Heptagonal Prism

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